QARLIIT: Leggings & Shorts

All leggings and shorts are made from a stretchy medium weight fabric (88% polyester, 12% spandex). Adult leggings have a wide waistband, kid/baby leggings and adult shorts have a slim elastic waistband. 


Adult Leggings & Shorts

Leggings are meant to be form fitting and snug, for this reason the fabric is very stretchy. Be aware that with fabric printing, the design loses its vividness when overly stretched. This is because the underlying white fabric begins to show through when the fabric is over stretched, it can make it look like the leggings are see through, usually they aren't actually see through, but if they are you should definitely go up a size. 


Nutaraq (Child Size) Leggings 

Kids leggings are offered in two waist size options: Adult Fit or Child Fit. This is to better accommodate the variety of sizes that kids come in. Please note that the Adult Fit waistbands follow the same waist and hip measurements as the chart above, but have a shorter leg than the adult leggings.



Nutaralaaq (Baby Size) Leggings

As with most baby clothes, sizes based on 'age' rarely match the average chubby baby. If you find the sizing system for babies confusing, we feel the same! We recommend ordering a size (or even two!) up to ensure that your little love fits them. Babies grow fast so it is better or order too big than it is to order too small!