Please note; as a result of increased online shopping and protective health measures put in place by manufacturers and Canada Post, our items will likely take longer than before to reach you. 

Our manufacturer is working hard to produce orders as effectively as possible and smaller orders are now back to averaging 5-10 business days (1-2 weeks) to produce. However, this may fluctuate with regulation changes to control the response and spread of COVID-19.

Canada Post is dealing with much higher volumes of mail. This means deliveries now can take 2 - 4x longer than before. We know this is not convenient but it is the reality of our situation at the moment. Canada Post is expecting very high volumes of online orders for the holiday season and advises all shoppers to order early.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us about it.


Most products are shipped directly from a manufacturer (located in Canada). This means the product is 'made to order' and results in a longer processing time than companies who own their own warehouses/storage space (our processing time can be 1-3 weeks depending on how many orders the manufacturer has to complete at any given time). They are then shipped via Canada Post and arrive around 4-10 business days later, longer if your area tends to have slower Canada Post service. You will receive email updates when your products ship with tracking info. 

We are currently using this system because our business is small and family run. We do not have a big warehouse or office to work from and we cannot always predict what customers want to buy. This allows us to create as many products as possible at a quality level we feel is acceptable, therefore giving you more choice! 

Occasionally the manufacturer sends the wrong size or item. It's rare, but mistakes happen. If this happens to you, let us know ASAP and we will make it right. We want to make sure you get the right product just as much as you do! 


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