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About Us

Hinaani Design 

was founded by a collective of artists/designers/creators from the Kivalliq region of Nunavut and is proudly Inuit owned. We base ourselves out of Arviat, the southern most community on the mainland of Nunavut. Here we plan, design, and create items that reflect our Arctic landscape and Inuit culture. Hinaani designs clothing and accessories that promote Inuit culture, language, and lifestyle to foster positive self-esteem and pride in Inuit. Hinaani strives to have a worthwhile impact in all aspects of their work, this includes behind the scenes by sourcing from Canadian and/or ethical suppliers, minimizing negative environmental repercussions, and raising awareness of positive initiatives from fellow Inuit and Northerners. The collective talent and minds behind Hinaani endeavour to make the Arctic a better place and just so happen to use fashion as one of the means of achieving this! Hinaani is only getting started so watch out for many more inu-vative ideas and projects to come!
We believe in ethical entrepreneurship and implement this throughout our business.
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The Hinaani Team:
Nooks Lindell (Inuk)
Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt (Inuk)
Lori Tagoona (Inuk)
Emma Kreuger (Nunavunmiutaq)

Hinaani: at the floe edge (hinaa/sinaa) or to be on the edge of something