Ikpigijugut - We Care

We are a family and we treat all our customers and manufacturing partners like family too! 


Design Process

We all put our hearts into every design we create. That means we work together as a team to support and push each other creatively. We aim to design projects that promote and encourage our fellow Inuit and Ukiurmiut to believe in themselves and each other. We work collectively on designs to ensure each one is positive and reflective of our mission. 


Product Development & Sourcing

We do a lot of research on our products before we make them available to you. We look into the company manufacturing policies and location to guarantee that they are ethical and environmentally sound. We want to leave a positive impact through our work and focus on partnering only with others who feel the same. We will not use a manufacturer if they are not transparent about their working conditions and we aim to find the closest manufacturer to us to reduce our global carbon footprint.

We test each product to make sure the quality of the item and the design meet our high standards. We do not want to sell a product that we would not be proud to put our own names on and we are therefore very picky about what products are approved for sale. We also always provide photos of real people wearing our products so that you will know what they look like.  


Embracing Our Home

We ♥ the Arctic. It is our home, always has been and always will be. We seek to embrace all the joy and pride we get from our home and incorporate it into our work. This is done through the nature of our designs, the inspiration of Inuit traditions and language, presenting culturally relatable and appropriate images, even using real people (sometimes ourselves!) to model our products, and creating Hanaugait lines of products by hand ourselves. We outsource as little work as possible to keep the love close to home. 

We currently cannot handle much product production at home (other than the special Hanaugait product lines). This is something we are working on increasing and have plans in the near future to bring more production home to the Arctic! Stay tuned for more!


Giving Back

Each of the Hinaani Team contributes to their community and family in their own personal ways. As a business we try to give our time and skills to organizations and causes that mean something to us. We try to focus our support on initiatives that touch us directly because that way we feel the work we do has more meaning and more impact. We welcome suggestions for ways that we can give back! We promise we will do our best to contribute if we can, but please remember we are a very small business at this time. If we are not able to help your cause this time, please ask us again in future and we will try to fit it in! 



We are so thankful to have the opportunity to pursue our dreams through this enterprise. Everyone who supports us, shops from us, wears our products with pride, gives us feedback.. you are all our encouragement and we can never fully express how much it means to us!