Inuktitut Teacher, Hinaani Co-Founder/Owner, Inuit Culture Advocate, Author


My name is Paula Amy Ikuutaq Rumbolt. I connect most with Ikuutaq. I am named after my mother’s father. I grew up hearing stories about him and being told by many that knew him that I am what he wanted to be. In other words, I am a continuation of his life, so he now gets to do all the things that he had always wanted to do. He explored the tundra on foot and now he explores the world by air through my travels. He wanted to be athletic enough to do kung fu. I don’t know kung fu, but I did grow up playing many sports.


I am from Baker Lake. My Ikuutaq family had always lived in the area. I feel very connected to my community and always find myself thinking “how will this benefit Baker Lake” whenever I start on new projects or find myself contemplating if I should be doing what I am doing at the time.

Favourite Inuit Niqini:

My favourite food is tiqtititaq, fried caribou with just a little bit of broth to be more like chunky soup. I ate it almost daily while I was growing up. The smell through a cold nose as I walked into my house during lunch hour in my school days, that was the best feeling ever.

What is your passion?

Youth. Anything I do, I find myself drawing back to how I could help the youth of Baker Lake and Nunavut. I want the youth to persevere and understand how much potential they have and to use more potential than they think they have to do all the wonderful things I know they are capable of doing. When youth take initiative and have the courage to do what they’ve always wanted to do; that is what inspires me. It reminds me that we are all capable of doing courageous things and doing what we could to make the world a better place.

Who is your inspiration?

The women in my family. They are all very strong women. They have all gone through many hardships throughout their lives, and yet they continue to live their lives with strength. They take on new challenges knowing they can make it through anything.

Future plans/goals:

To keep creating. Sewing, writing, whatever art form I feel like at the time.

Inu-vative thoughts or programs:

I really like the Baker Lake Youth Athletic Association. I was one of the first athletes to be part of the organization when it began. The program gave me a lot of opportunities and helped create the person I became. Now I am part of the board for the association and I really hope that I can help provide the same opportunities or more to the athletes today. The sports I played, the coaches I had, and the friends I made while taking part really helped me get through being a moody teenager. It helped me understand how much sports really help you. I encourage all youth to take part in some sort of physical activity because it really helps a person physically and mentally.

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