Paula Ikuutaujunga, Qamani’tuarmiutaujungalu. My name is Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt and I am from Baker Lake. Baker Lake has always been my home, even when I went off to live down south for a bit.

The wellbeing for the youth is my greatest passion. In anything that I do, I find myself drawing back to how it could help the youth of Baker Lake and Nunavut. I want the youth to persevere and understand how much capacity they have and to use more potential than they think they have to do all the wonderful things I know they are capable of doing. When youth take initiative and have the courage to do what they’ve always wanted to do; that is what inspires me. It reminds me that we are all capable of doing courageous things and doing what we could to make the world a better place.

This passion drew me into helping create Hinaani Design. What intrigued me in Hinaani was that if I could help run a company, it will show other youth that they can do it too. Through the company, we strive to have Nunavunmiut wear their pride in where they come from on their sleeve. I want everyone to show others that they are proud of where they come from and to feel that they can reach their goals showing the pride of their heritage.

I am the director for Hanaugait, the handmade items that our company produces. Sewing is another of my passion. I love learning about different techniques in producing warm clothing for the Arctic winters and I love learning about the different styles of clothing from all over the circumpolar world. I am also the director for outreach and programming. Hinaani is open to partnering with all the awesome organizations in providing programming that will help with the livelihoods of Nunavunmiut.

I am grateful that you are interested in Hinaani Design and for all the support everyone has given us to keep our company going so far.