Hai, hutu?

Keenan James Taralik Uminihaaq Lindell atilluaviga kihia kituluktaanu Nooks. Inuunguna amma Arviammiutaujunga. My names are Keenan James Taralik Uminihaaq Lindell but everybody calls me Nooks. I have 3 older brothers so that’s how I got my nick name Nooks, which is another way of saying nukaq (means younger sibling in Inuktitut). I like it ☺. I am named after my great grandmother Taralik, I don’t think I ever met her but I heard she was awesome, so I try to be cool like her. I am also known as (#hinaanibaby) Nipi’s Ataata.

I am Co-Founder/Owner and Designer & Marketing Angakkuq (shaman) for Hinaani. I love it, I wear our products all the time, they’re pretty cool ☺ I love being creative, either drawing, designing, taking photos or working with my hands making Ulus and Panas. My family is also very important to me. I am very thankful to have such a supportive family which I keep constantly learning from and ask for advice weekly. Especially for cultural and language questions like “Whats the Inuktitut word for scarf?” “How do you sharpen your Ulus?” “How did Inuit cut their toe nails before nail clippers?” and many, many more. Inuktitut was my first language, but I lost a lot of it when I moved out of Nunavut. I have been working super hard in the past 10 years to regain my fluency. I believe I have done a decent job and it has had such a strong, positive impact on my self confidence and relationship with my family. I still make a lot of mistakes but the people around me have been so supportive and help me figure out the words. Ma'nalluavik!!

I feel so lucky to be from Nunavut. Our territory is vast and full of incredible wildlife, diverse landscapes from mountains to the (under-appreciated) flat lands and so much culture! There are so many reasons to love our home which means there is so much inspiration for our designs and apparel. I’m so happy and honoured that people like and wear our designs! It’s a crazy feeling and thank you all so much for allowing us to do what we love!