I'm Emma Mandisa Kataujaq Kreuger... some people call me Em, some call me Kataujaq, and one person calls me Mandisa (you know who you are! haha).. I'm usually your first contact if you message Hinaani! I live in Arviat with my piqatik Nooks and our busy little irniq Nipi #hinaanibaby, but I am from Baker Lake. Baker will always be my first love/home though Arviat has earned a part of my uummatik too! 

I love the Arctic. It has been my adoptive home for as long as I can remember. The summer nuna and the winter wind are etched in my soul for better or for worse and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! We live so entwined with nature and aim to sustainably rely on the abundance of animals and plants within our reach as much as we can. We are also strongly connected to the history of the places we live and continue to weave traditions into our home life.

As Hinaani we strive to promote these values through our clothing designs, embracing Inuktitut, caring about our ecological footprint/product sourcing, and celebration of talent and hard work among our fellow Inuit and Ukiurmiut (Northerners). 

I have always wanted to contribute positively to my communities/Nunavut/Arctic because I have felt that they have given me so much as I grew up and continue to this day. Even when I left the North to study I always knew I was doing it so that I could return with better skills and tools to do this. My hope was that by helping to found and run Hinaani, that I could contribute to fostering this positivity by sharing pride and encouragement in ways both tangible and intangible. 

Ma'nalluavik to all who have supported us in this journey and inspired us to keep pushing for more! Any success we achieve is because of the people who believe in us and participate in our projects big and small! Every bit counts! 

Much love,